Purging is not only Leeann’s favorite pastime, it’s also good for the environment. Since we are basically the female version of Leonardo DiCaprio, we are doing our part for Mother Earth and donating ALLLLLL of last year’s holiday “must haves” to charity so they can be lovingly re-used. Welcome to Leeann’s Ted Talk on this subject. Also, it gives us a great excuse to talk about our fave – ¬†@Grove Collaborative¬† – and their Seedling line. (Spoiler: it’s made from bamboo and sugarcane, but does not taste like sugar.) Spend $20 on your first Grove order and taste – err, try – for yourselves! Visit… and you’ll get a FREE Grove gift set plus a two pack of Seedling paper towels and a four-pack of toilet paper. We are Grove customers and genuinely love all of the products promoted in this video (and many more we ran out of time to tell you about). Go! Get your GROVE ON!