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Enneagram & Motherhood

The Enneagram has helped us so much in many areas of our lives… our friendship… our marriages… and motherhood! Here’s a compilation of our Enneagram videos that focus on Motherhood. Enneagram Types Breastfeeding @00:46​ Enneagram Types as Moms during summer @09:58​ Enneagram Types Doing laundry @12:29​ Enneagram Types on Mother’s Day @22:50​ Enneagram Types Back […]

First Time Mom vs. Third Time Mom: THE HOSPITAL BAG

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Baby changes things. Many things. Including what you pack for the hospital for round two or three. Leeann & Michelle have been both of these moms… have you? Tell us, what did you pack in your bag? Oh, and what do you think of OUR ANNOUNCEMENT at the end??? Written/performed by Leeann Dearing & Michelle […]

One More Baby Dance: Brain vs. Ovaries

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“Am I REALLY done having babies?”  “When is our family ACTUALLY complete?” The question is usually pondered over a sink full of dirty dishes or between changing a diaper and fishing the remote control out of the toilet. The house is never tidy, never quiet and yet…the question lingers in the air like the Chick-fil-A nuggets you […]