Holiday Shopping FAIL

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CLIENT: BAMBINO SITTERS Here’s a list of reasons you should run holiday errands with your kids: 1) THERE 2) ARE 3) NONE There you have it. With Bambino, there’s no need to cart your kids around while you fill your sleigh. Your kids can hang at home with an amazing sitter while you shop in […]

Do you suffer from Datelack?

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CLIENT: BAMBINO SITTERS 10 out of 10 couples with young children suffer from Datelack. Datelack is a frightening condition, but have no fear! There is a treatment that’s just right for you… Bambino. Bambino makes finding a local babysitter you can trust, easier than ever! Download the Bambino app today…

Excuses! Excuses!

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CLIENT: BAMBINO SITTERS Darnit, Karen! Why can’t you just BABYSIT your grandkids for one night? What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard from someone who won’t watch your kids?! (Ours is, “My cat gets lonely without me.” – Yeah, okay). With Bambino, there are no more excuses. It’s the easiest way to find, book, pay! Download […]

Sharing is Caring!

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CLIENT: BAMBINO SITTERS She does the dishes. She brings crafts. She never turns on the TV. She’s my favorite babysitter and no, you cannot have her contact info. …or can you?? Download Bambino today! This video is sponsored by Bambino – babysitting made easy.