Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness. So. Very. Much. Togetherness. It should be the warmest, coziest, fuzzy-feelingest holiday of all, right? Except your mother in law decided to stay with you for the whole week and likes to give the kids buckets of dollar store toys and Doritos when you aren’t looking. And cousin Evan voted for THAT guy and Grandma Midge voted for the other THAT guy and aunt Linda shared an inappropriate meme and Susan forgot that Molly-Ann is now gluten free an oh-mi-gaaaaash. Deep breath, enneagram nerds. We can do this. Yes, we can. With just a little bit of enneagram themed laughter and whole lotta sanitizer. We collaborated with the amazing @Abbey Howe on this video & another she posted on her channel yesterday! Make sure you check them both out and subscribe to Abbey’s channel!… May all your thanksgiving tables be full of the most self-actualized loved ones. (And if they aren’t, may your table at least be so full of carbs that you forget to care.) Did we mention lately that we’re thankful for YOU by the way? If you’re watching this, I hope you know that L&M family couldn’t (and wound’t) do any of this without you. Our hearts are sincerely full of gratitude for you…your funny comments, your views, your shares. It all means a lot to us. TC: Type 1 @00:52 Michelle Type 2 @01:54 Leeann Type 3 @02:56 Abbey Type 4 @03:24 Leeann Type 5 @04:28 Abbey Type 6 @05:11 Michelle Type 7 @06:21 Leeann Type 8 @07:16 Michelle Type 9 @08:20 Abbey Outtakes @08:49 CREDITS Written/Performed by Leeann Dearing, Michelle Fortin, and Abbey Howe Shot & Edited by Bonnie Selim & Abbey Howe Music by Alexander Thomas, licensed exclusively to Leeann & Michelle, LLC – DID THIS MAKE YOU LOL?! THESE WILL TOO… Enneagram Types at Disney World!:… Enneagram Types at Starbucks:… Enneagram Types Working From Home:… Enneagram Types Behind the Wheel:… ENNEAGRAM FUNNIES PLAYLIST:… CONNECT WITH US! Instagram:… Facebook:… Website: This video was not sponsored. Leeann & Michelle Enneagram Types on Thanksgiving