The Enneagram has helped us so much in many areas of our lives… our friendship… our marriages… and motherhood! Here’s a compilation of our Enneagram videos that focus on Motherhood. Enneagram Types Breastfeeding @00:46 Enneagram Types as Moms during summer @09:58 Enneagram Types Doing laundry @12:29 Enneagram Types on Mother’s Day @22:50 Enneagram Types Back to school plans for 2020 @26:42 Enneagram Types Holiday Shopping for Kids @35:36 Written and performed by Leeann Dearing and Michelle Fortin Edited by Bonnie Selim Music by Alexander Thomas, licensed exclusively to Leeann & Michelle, LLC – DID THIS MAKE YOU LOL?! THESE WILL TOO… Enneagram Types at Disney World!:… Enneagram Types at Starbucks:… Enneagram Types Working From Home:… Enneagram Types Behind the Wheel:… ENNEAGRAM FUNNIES PLAYLIST:… CONNECT WITH US! Instagram:… Facebook:… Website: This video was not sponsored. Leeann & Michelle Enneagram & Motherhood