BEDTIME! BEDTIME! (Hamilton Parody)

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“I’m hungry!” “Tell me that story again.” “I’m cold!” “Where do we go when we die?” “I’m too hot!” “I have to go potty. Again.” What’s the go-to “I’m not tired” bedtime excuse in your house?! Enjoy this Hamilton parody and our children not acting at all… nope. These are real life scenarios. Lyrics by […]

The Homeschool Rap (Parody of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot)

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Coronavirus is terrible, yes. The only thing that could possibly make it worse: the high intensity SMUG factor coming from the pre-virus homeschool moms (*cough Leeann). Normal moms, like Michelle – who outsource education – have always wondered HOW? How on the actual earth do they do this? Well, now we know, DON’T WE. In […]

Just Wanna Stay Home

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Fun fact: Queen Elsa is the patron saint of the introvert (#GoAwayAnna). If you can relate to the ice queen, you know there’s only one thing on your New Year’s resolution list: you just wanna stay home. Sweet recluse, we see you. We feel your icy stare. This one is for you.

Marcella the Minimalist

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Marcella is the ultimate minimalist. She has what every modern minimalist has… almost nothing and a translator. Be inspired to “Live with Less and Go with Light” in her latest episode. Music:

DOUGHNUT DAY (a parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop)

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Life, liberty and the pursuit of doughnut. ???? ???? ???????? Doughnut Day, by Leeann & Michelle A Parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop Friday is #DoughnutDay. (#Blessed) We have created your national doughnut day anthem. You can pay us back by living your best life on Friday & eating all the doughnuts. Huge thank you to […]